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Absolute Serum is an absolutely must for your skin

Organic Care for your Pet.

Using organic products on your pets will double reward you. Less frustration and a healthy pet is much more fun to be with. It will also save you lots of money on a longer run.

Fleas Control

A gentle and inexpensive alternative to deal with fleas. If you feel reluctant applying harsh pesticides (rightfully so!) on the skin of your pet, these are for you. These shampoo and lotion are gentle on your petsí skin and will last for quite some time. Apply them a few times to see fleas disappear. Apply when needed after that.

Anti-Lice Shampooon sale
8.5fl.oz. Sale: $12.56
Anti-Lice Lotionon sale
8.5fl.oz. Sale: $11.67

Internal Parasite Control

Being closer to the soil pets easily get viruses and parasites. Many worms and other parasites are effectively controlled with natural herb extracts. See you vet to get initial medications and use these organic extracts to keep the parasites in check.