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Organic Dental Care with Xylitol, Clay and Herbs

Our certified organic toothspates and a mouthwash are based on herbal extracts (for specific action and long lasting freshness), clay, Xylitol and Sobitol to protect your teeth against decay, plaque deposition and your gums against inflammation. Our Xylitol is the original xylitol form birch tree bark. We don't use corn derived substitutes! Read more in our Xylitol FAQ

Xylitol/Clay Toothpaste

Sage/Clay/Xylitol Toothpasteon sale
75ml Sale: $7.58
Mint/Xylitol Toothpasteon sale
75ml-300ml Sale: $7.58-$17.07
Ginseng/Clay/Xylitol Toothpasteon sale
75ml Sale: $7.58
Lime/Clay/Xylitol Toothpasteon sale
75ml On Order
Grapefruit/Xylitol Toothpasteon sale
75ml Sale: $7.58

Herb Supplements for Oral Health

Calendulaon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.58
Oral Healthon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $11.36