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Herb Complexes

Why liquid herbal extracts instead of capsules?

Broad-spectrum herbal extracts are the most potent and effective way to ingest herbal medicine, and are superior to so-called standardized extracts because those often use toxic industrial solvents and exclude many of the herbs' chemical compounds. This holistic approach to herbal extraction produces a broad-spectrum extract that's rich in the color, aroma, flavor, and bio-activity of the original herb itself, but in a form that's easily ingested and optimally assimilated by the body. Liquid extracts are the best and most effective form of herbal extracts because:
  • Your body absorbs liquids better and does not need to digest capsules and dried extracts full of woody stuff
  • Some plants need to be extracted fresh from the field to have optimum efficiency
  • It's easier to dose liquid than dried herbal extracts
  • Tasting the herb adds to its action
  • Liquid extracts last longer

To make it easier for you to choose the right herb extract for your conditions we compiled the herbal extracts benefits table, that summarizes the traditional uses of some individual herb or herbal compounds based on traditions from the Western, Eastern and Native American traditional medicines.

Herb Complexes

Adrenal Supporton sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.58
Eyebright/Nettleon sale
1fl.oz. On Order
Goldenrod/Horsetailon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.19
Dermal Healthon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $11.99
Nervous Systemon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.97
Oral Healthon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $11.36
Relaxing Sleepon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $11.76
Connective Tissueon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.58
Virattackon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $11.36

Single Herb Extracts

Calendulaon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.58
Gingeron sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.90
Gotu Kolaon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $11.36
Super Echinaceaon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.97
Schisandraon sale
1fl.oz. Sale: $10.19