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Organic Dry Hair Clay Shampoo

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Organic Dry Hair Clay Shampoo
Ref# CPA205 | 8.5fl.oz. | $10.99 | 

Kaolin, wild musk rose oil, lavender and rosemary

Ingredients: Aqua, ammonium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betain, organic Rosmarinus officinalis aqua, decyl glucoside, organic Lavandula angustifolia aqua, Kaolin, organic Musk rose oil, sodium benzoate, organic Rosmarinus officinalis oil.

This shampoo cleanses, nourishes and balances dry hair.

The soft white clay (kaolin) softly yet efficiently cleanses the hair and scalp removing all chemicals, toxins, pollutants. Precious Wild Musk Rose oil moisturizes and nurtures hair, restoring its natural health and sheen. Thanks to its high concentration in essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega-3 and omega-6, Musk Rose oil balances the physiology of the scalp gradually restoring the natural health and beauty of the hair. Rosemary essential oil is a tonic that purifies and stimulates blood circulation and hair growth.

  • dry hair
  • after swimming in pools or on the beach
  • when you live or work in a very dry environment
  • beauty, volume and shine of your hair
  • gently conditions the hair in depth without adding weight
  • balances the scalp for a healthy balance
  • purifies the hair and scalp
In combination with Naturado conditioner, it provides a complete and natural care for the health and beauty of dry hair.

TIP: to restructure your hair in depth, use a little bit of Shea butter on your hair after shampoo as a leave-on conditioner. You can also use the Rosalia Velours de Rose Dry Hair and Body oil. Just put a little bit of either product in your hand and spread it all over your hair by passing your hands through your hair.