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Witch Hazel Floral Water

The many wonders of Witch Hazel

Hazel PlantRather oddly named, Witch Hazel has a lot of health and beauty properties. Being a powerful anti-aging plant, a strong antiseptic and indispensable help for spider veins, it is absolutely un-witchy!. Its proper latin name is very gentle : Hamamelis virginiana. The witchy part of the name comes from the use of Hazel for divining rods in medieval Britain. But there is nothing bad or dark in Hamamelis, only true and rich goodness. Find out all the marvels it can do for your skin and beauty.

The magic of Floral Waters as skin toners

Cleansing and moisturizing is surely part of your daily routine if you care for your skin. These steps seem pretty basic and intuitive. But what about toners? What do toners really do for your skin which makes them an essential part of skincare?

Hazel PlantToners act as skin refreshers and serve three essential purposes:

  • they remove any dirt or residue left behind after cleansing
  • they rebalance the skin pH
  • they infuse the skin with plant ingredients to fight aging, blemishes, redness and any disbalance

You may find a lot of different options to choose a toner. Unfortunately, most of them contain quite a bit of alcohol (which dries the skin), and chemicals even if they claim to be natural. On the other hand, floral waters are perfect skin toners because they are pure, natural and in addition to beauty benefits, they bring a wealth of therapeutic properties thanks to all the natural plant ingredients they carry. In truth, floral waters treat your skin to protect, vitalize and rebalance it. Witch Hazel is a good example of a floral water with a bounty of benefits for your skin in particular and your body in general. Not only is it astringent enough for teenage skin, it is also totally suited for mature or damaged skin.

A pure and natural toner to keep your face and décolleté young

The single biggest factor contributing to our aging are free-radicals. They are produced by the sun, pollution, chemicals, bad food, lack of exercise, stress - you name it. From fine lines and wrinkles, to sagging and loss of elasticity free-radicals are responsible for damage to your skin, hair, all of your body! Luckily Mother Nature supplied us with natural ways to deal with these ravaging elements. It provides us with plants packed with anti-oxidants (anti-oxidants capture and bind free-radicals). Which Hazel is such a plant. Witch Hazel floral water is possibly the strongest antioxidant and should be considered one of the most important anti-aging substances and antioxidants according to Floral Waters expert Suzanne Catty.

Use Witch Hazel Floral Water as a toner to shield your skin from the wreckage of free radicals. It will give your skin the extra protection and vitality boost it needs to stay young, firm and radiant.

Say Farewell to Spider Veins

VeinsJust like the larger varicose vein counterparts, spider veins are a result of increased pressure and vein valve malfunction, only on a much smaller scale than varicose veins. They can appear anywhere on your body, but most often on the legs and face. Witch Hazel floral water is your best friend if you have these conditions. It is a tonic not only for the skin, but also for the underlying tissues like the blood vessels and muscles. Iit also tightens tissues and reduces spider veins and varicose veins by providing a gentle natural stimulation to weak veins. Thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and astringent actions, it also relieves the pain and swelling of varicose veins, phlebitis and speeds up the healing of varicose ulcers and hemorrhoids.

A home-made first aid

Extracts of Witch Hazel, a strong antiseptic, were widely used in the old times as a home solution for wound wash and a remedy for scalds and burns, swelling and inflammation of the skin and to stop bleeding. It heals cracked or blistered skin and is extremely good for soothing eczema, psoriasis and insect bites (works great together with Shea butter). A compress of Witch Hazel floral water relieves edema, swelling, bedsores, bruises, sprains and strains.

As a floral water, it can also be used as a mouthwash as a remedy for bleeding gums, inflamed mouth and mouth ulcers, and as a gargle to help healing sore throats and throat infections (the taste is slightly bitter and astringent).

Finally, thanks to the same anti-inflammatory, Witch Hazel can be used as a douche for vaginal discharge, irritation or thrush.

Witch Hazel 101 For Beauty

You need to be cautious with the Witch Hazel that you can buy in pharmacies and health food stores because they are not pure floral water and contain chemicals and a lot of alcohol. Only use the purest floral waters.

For your Face
Hazel as facial careApply Witch Hazel floral water as a natural toner on your face and décolleté morning and evening after cleansing and before applying your moisturizer. It will give your skin a boost of vitality and an anti-aging protection.

For your Body
For spider veins or varicose veins, spray pure Witch Hazel floral water directly on the affected area and massage in gentle circular movements or just let it dry. Apply morning and evening until the skin becomes clear of spider or varicose veins. For more profound and faster action you can combine it with application of Arnica oil and Wild Musk Rose oil.

For eczema, psoriasis, bruises, insect bites, sprains or strains, just spray and let it dry before applying a moisturizer or ointment.

For bleeding gums or inflamed mouth, diluted 1:1 in pure water and do mouthwash for 3 minutes morning and evening.

You may also choose to use pure Witch Hazel floral water as a refreshing spray for your body. Enjoy its very delicate and gentle herbaceous scent, with a woody edge to it. You will discover that it smells nothing like any commercially available Witch Hazel. Scents have a profound effect on us, but this is another story coming in a future article...

Nature Purity's floral waters are pure and undiluted and organic. They do not contain any preservatives or chemicals. Their pretty blue glass bottle guarantees their preservation. That is why you can even use our floral waters as a mouthwash. Enjoy this Beauty from the Source!