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Liquid Gold from Nature: Plant Oils for Your Beauty

Plant base oils are extracted from all types of seeds and kernels from flowers, bushes and trees. They are often considered as just base or carrier oils to make preparations for essential oil mixes. But far from being "basic" or just "carrier" oils, they are so much more than that: they are highly nourishing, anti-aging and therapeutic. They have been used since the dawn of humanity and are symbols of fertility, purity and light. But more than symbols, they are vital to the beauty of your skin and hair as they are the ultimate anti-aging moisturizers for protection, regeneration and radiance. However, they can only give you their best if they are of the best quality, first cold press and organic to ensure they have not been heated, denatured or chemically processed. Learn here what plant oils can do for you and which one would be the best for your skin.

So many ways Nature can nurture your skin and make you beautiful

The skin has a natural affinity for Plant oils that are a precious gift from Nature to your Beauty. Extracted from all types of seeds and nuts, they have been used for beauty care since as long as you can think by all civilizations from the Far East, to India, Egypt, Greece and Roman Empire. Whether used on their own or combined with flower or plant extracts and essential oils, they bring your skin all the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids it needs to be nourished, protected, firm, supple and radiant. Each plant oil has specific beauty and therapeutic properties but they are all hydrating, toning, balancing, regenerating and anti-aging. As they are natural for the skin, they do not trigger allergic reaction. Thanks to their high content in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs - read more about them), plant oils quench and prevent inflammation which is what damages the skin and makes it age ungraciously. First cold press plant oils have been preserved in their highest quality with all their precious active vitamins, nutrients and EFAs.
The Anti-Aging Beauty Secret from the Berber women from the Atlas. Organic Argan oil is a precious gift from Nature to your skin for anti-aging protection and rejuvenation thanks to its unique blend of phytonutrients (like schottenol) and vitamins. This oil really does wonder to bring youth and vitality back to dull, damaged, dry and devitalized skin.
The Flower of Recovery: from dull skin to redness, dark circles to puffiness and spider veins. The Arnica oil is ideal to reduce inflammation and redness as well as to erase spider veins and smooth out puffy under eye area and dark circles.
A Cheerful flower for damaged, irritated and reactive skin. Calendula oil helps to regenerate, stimulate, rebalance and heal your skin when it's damaged by the sun or aging, chapped, inflamed, irritated, or plagued with eczema thanks to its tissue repair, anti-inflammatory, softening and soothing properties.
The Miracle Anti-Aging and Balancing Flower for any type of skin. Jojoba oil is hydrating, revitalizing, anti-aging, regenerating and soothing. It is a must in anti-aging skin care because naturally stimulates the production of elastin (the protein which gives structure and elasticity to your skin) and reduces water loss from cells. This oil is a guarantee to a young, vibrant, radiant and supple skin!
The Flower of Light Also called "the heart of Jesus oil", St John's Wort oil is a soothing and skin regenerating oil that helps the healing of chapped, cracked, burned, damaged and sore skin. A little bit of softness for your delicate skin.
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
The Golden Fruit for a Peachy Skin. Very rich in vitamin A and Omega-3 essential fatty acid (alpha linoleic acid), the apricot kernel oil is toning, hydrating, revitalizing, soothing and softening. It's the ideal friend for tired, dull, wrinkled, sensitive and devitalized skin.
The Flower of Silent Love for a glowing skin. Thanks to its naturally high content in vitamin E and omega-3 essential fatty acid (alpha linoleic acid), Primrose oil moisturizes and protects your skin from aging and reveals its natural beauty. Bask your skin in love with Primrose oil, see the fine lines and wrinkles disappear and feel your skin softness and glow rise and expand. For all skin types.
The Roses' fountain of youth for your skin. Wild Musk Rose (Rosa mosqueta) oil is one of the most precious oils for anti-aging and regeneration. This pure extract from the seed of Wild Musk Rose oil is ideal to deeply regenerate, heal and nurture your skin. Its amazing power to erase fine lines, smooth out wrinkles and reduce scars lies in the unique combination of Essential Fatty Acids (50/50 Omega-3 and Omega-6) and Transretinoic Acid (Retinol-A).

Why simple plant oils are more effective than upscale creams and lotions

Simple natural extracts like plant oils, essential oils, nut butters and floral waters (or hydrosols) are more effective than chemical creams and lotions because they contain a wealth of natural active ingredients, which add to each other and synergize altogether. This is what Pr Peter Houghton from Kings College London demonstrated at the last Cosmetic Science Symposium held in last May in London. Synergy is when compounds with similar actions give stronger effects than would be expected, a sort of two plus two equals seven effect, explained Pr Houghton.

Houghton outlined South African research that focused on plants traditionally used for skin lightening. The work showed many plants had tyrosinase (an enzyme involved in the production of melanin, the skin's pigment), inhibiting factor but also strong antioxidant properties which may also contribute to the melanin inhibiting effect, he said. The problem is that synergy is very difficult to prove scientifically. Because of their natural complexity and because they don't cost much -so industries cannot make much money on it and don't want to finance expensive scientific research- you do not hear much about simple plant oils' miracles for the skin and hair beauty. Instead, you will hear a lot of fuss about the latest single ingredient chemically produced like alpha lipoic acid (ALA). But you can be ahead of science and experience the fantastic anti-aging, nourishing, protecting and therapeutic benefits of plants oils today. Legendary beautiful women from the past didn't have the panel of chemicals offered today, they only had plant oils and their beauty has been praised in poems which have reached us today through the millennia. Wonder why?

You can have their secret today and see for yourself. As natural products act deeper, you want to give a few weeks for true results to show up, like with any EFA supplementation. Dr Andrew Weil, the natural doctor, always recommends to take gamma linoleic acid (GLA) internally from Primrose or Borage oil and allow 6 to 8 weeks before seeing results.

Nature Purity offers the highest quality plant oils, 100% organic, first cold press. Each oil comes in a 1.7 fl.oz blue glass bottle with no preservative and no additive. Keep your bottle in a cool place, away from direct light and use it in a few months after you have opened it. This will guarantee your oil retains all its extraordinary properties.