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Why Natural and Organic Skin Care is Much Better for You!

If you were wondering whether your mainstream moisturizer is safe for your health, the latest article in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has the answer for you: NO! After reading this article, choosing certified natural and organic skin care will be a no-brainer simply because it's better for your beauty AND your health.. eucerin cream

The facts: mainstream moisturizers dramatically increase the risk of skin cancer.

Scientists from Rutgers University in NJ have used mice to test the effect of mainstream moisturizers like Eucerin, Dermovan (a wholesale only product discontinued in 2006), Vanicream and Dermabase on skin cancer. They first irradiated mice with UVB light for 20 weeks to predispose them to later develop skin cancer, much like humans overexposed to sunlight early in life. After the UVB irradiation was completed, they applied the moisturizers 5 days a week for 17 more weeks. The result and conclusion are shocking. Mainstream moisturizers can increase the number and size of skin cancer by up to 95%1. Want the actual numbers? Here they are:
  • Dermabase increased the total number of tumors by 69%
  • Dermovan increased the total number of tumors by 95%
  • Eucerin Original Moisturizing cream increased the total number of tumors by 24%
  • Vanicream increased the total number of tumors by 58%
Some people may think that it doesn't concern them, as they are not mice (even though genetically a man and a mouse are 85% identical). Nonetheless, this study should make you wonder what all these mainstream skincare products do to our health in the long run.

The scientific study decoded.

There's no mention in this article about which ingredient/ingredients in these moisturizers are responsible for making skin cancer blaze as much as 95% compared to non-treated mice. The funniest part is that this experiment was supposed to be a "control experiment" as the scientists told journalists. In fact, they wanted to use one of these moisturizers as a carrier cream to test the efficiency of topical caffeine on skin cancer in clinical trials. Before doing this experiment, they needed to test the effect of the moisturizer by itself. What a surprise!

breathing hair Because moisturizers are classified as cosmetics by the FDA, they are not required to undergo the same safety and efficacy tests required for drugs. Meanwhile, research about the impact of chemical ingredients on the skin and health has been going on for a long time. However it feels like it's just in its infancy and overwhelmed with thousands of new chemicals entering the market every year (they are used in cosmetics, household products, carpets, clothing, pesticides, cars...). After a test for general toxicity and allergenicity, the new chemical ingredient is assumed to be safe until proven otherwise. If some ingredients are innocuous, others are dreadful in the long run, like phthalates (a component of nail polish and some hair products before it was banned last year) and possibly parabens (which are not only cosmetic preservatives but also FOOD preservatives) which are linked to birth defects and breast cancer respectively.

A little bit of common sense

This article has started a huge storm in the media, and the cosmetic manufacturing companies are already violently rejecting the findings (you can easily understand why!), saying that the study was poorly done. You can be sure there will be articles trying to show the opposite: that mainstream moisturizers are perfectly safe for people. Big companies affected by the findings in this article do not give up their formulas and profits easily. This cycle is endless: a paper showing negative results, a paper refuting the negative results and again and again. They come out one after another within a few years.

So what should you do now with such a news? Maybe use your common sense. Along this line of common sense wisdom, what comes from Nature is good for us because even if some of us live in big cities far from the countryside, we are still natural beings. One thing is for sure: there are no studies showing that well-known and tested natural ingredients are harmful for people.

When care and beauty go hand in hand

As the battle over the safety of cosmetic ingredients continues to rage, you have a few options:
  • you can sit and wait to see if the new chemical cream is going to harm you or not
  • you can sit and wait years for scientific research to decide for you
  • you can take action now and decide to use natural and organic cosmetics and just feel safe!
Everyone agrees, even doctors, that natural and organic foods are better than conventional or processed foods. Why? Because:
  • no pesticides: natural and organic foods aren't loaded with a few of the 865 pesticide active ingredients registered with the EPA
  • more good stuff: they contain more antioxidants and vitamins
  • better: they are better for the earth
  • efficient: contrary to general thoughts, organic farming is as efficient as conventional farming AND it builds up soil instead of depleting it.
  • The exact same principles apply to skincare!

    Go green for your children!

    breathing hair Today scientific dogma about cancer is that it's a multi-step process and it starts years before it shows up. Maybe, instead of incriminating the sun for the surge of skin cancer in the US, it's time for all of us to carefully review what we put on our skin and on our children's skin. Time to go for green skincare for you, your children and all your loved ones!

    This study has instigated our curiosity and having done some research, we found scientific studies showing that mineral oil increases the skin cancer incidence in UVB irradiated mice2, 3. How does it affect you? It so happens that Mineral oil is the main ingredient in mainstream baby skincare. Knowing that baby's skin is much thinner and finer that adult's skin, whatever you put on a baby's skin will penetrate even more readily than on adult's skin and cause damages that you don't even want to think about.

    That's where it becomes clear and obvious that natural and organic skincare is the solution for everyone, children and adults alike. So go green for your skincare!

    Nature Purity's guarantee of quality and efficiency

    breathing hair Nature purity offers you a complete line of exclusive Ecocert certified organic products for your skincare, hair care and oral care, directly from the sunny Provence in France.

    In addition to this guarantee of certified quality, Nature Purity offers you the guarantee of quantity and efficiency. By putting much more natural active ingredients in our products, they can deliver the performance you are looking for.

    Work with your skin, not against it: use only natural and organic skincare. It's good for the entire family and if you are a woman, it's good for your future children, as it doesn't build up your body burden5.

    That is the raison d'Ítre of Nature Purity: to offer exclusive, performing and safe skincare. Feel safe to use our products because they come from the Source, and know that we've tested them on ourselves for efficiency!

    2. Kligman LH, Kligman AM (1992) Petrolatum and other hydrophobic emollients reduce UVB-induced damage. J Dermatolog Treat 3:3-7
    3. Sambuco CP, Forbes PD, Davies RE, Learn DB, D'Aloisio LC, Arocena M et al. (2003) Photocarcinogenesis: measuring the reproducibility of a biologic response to ultraviolet radiation exposure in mice. Front Biosci 8:a26-a33