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Roses are the Queens of all flowers, an exquisite symbol of absolute Beauty and pure Love. The essence extracted from their petals is one of the most expensive and prized perfume notes as its complex aromas synergize to yield a simply divine fragrance. But Roses can do more for you than you can imagine; more than just pleasing your eyes and flattering your nose. They can be a Fountain of Youth for your skin. One of the secrets of the Rose lies in its seeds...

Beauty Elixir for your skin

Rose FlowersThe Wild Musk Rose (Rosa mosqueta) is an apparently simple wild rose, of delicate pink hues, which grows in the Americas. Its fruits, or rosehips, contain one of the most abundant sources of Vitamin C with other vitamins. However, another -less known- treasure of the Rose lies in its seeds and in the ultra precious oil they yield. Wild Musk Rose oil is one of the most balanced, powerful and richest of plant oils. People often think of "fats" as being bad because they are linked with obesity and heart diseases; however there are good fats that are so necessary to our health that they are called essential: Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). "Most Americans -American women in particular- are critically deficient in these EFAs and are aging rapidly and porrly as a consequence" says Dr N. Perricone, MD dermatologist "these physical and psychological changes have been particularly dramatic in women who have spent years on a low-fat diet." EFAs are not only essential for your health, but also for the beauty, tone and radiance of your skin. Nurturing your skin topically with EFAs rich and balanced skincare is as important as your diet.

A unique synergy of precious vitamins

Wild Musk Rose oil (Rosa mosqueta) is perfectly balanced in omega-3 and omega-6 EFAs that are crucial to keep the skin hydrated and firm, eliminate damaging and aging inflammation and to renew cell membranes and regenerate the skin. It also contains the precious Transretinoic acid (a very active form of Vitamin A) responsible for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle smoothing, age spots removing and stretch marks and scar healing. Altogether, Wild Musk Rose oil (Rosa mosqueta) not only nurtures, regenerates and nourishes the skin but also protects it against pollution, climate and other aging factors.
Because of its light texture, Wild Musk Rose oil (Rosa mosqueta) is easily absorbed by the skin and does not cause pore clogging in any way. On the contrary, it brings the skin all it needs to be healthy, rejuvenated, radiant and protected.

A personal experience: rescued from skin despair by the Rose

Wild Musk Rose oil (Rosa mosqueta) is really an exceptional Beauty oil which has shown its remarkable anti-aging, wrinkle erasing and scar healing properties in clinical studies. However nothing is better than personal experience!

I am a sun-lover, not only because it gives my skin this lovely and lively summer tone, but also because it brings me my daily dose of Vitamin D and warms me up deep inside. After all, the Sun is what makes life possible on Earth. Last summer, I got burned a few times having fallen asleep in the sun on a lakeside. As you can easily imagine, the results on my neck and décolleté were devastating: generalized wrinkling with deep widespread wrinkles and stretch marks on the top of my breast, right where my swimming suit or my dress didn't protect me. I felt desperate seeing these deep damages on my skin, as they seemed too deep to be remedied. After the initial shock, I remembered I have magical natural products and I looked for the right one to heal my wounded skin. I opted for Wild Musk Rose oil (Rosa mosqueta) because of its high content in Transretinoic Acid and EFAs. I used it every morning on my face, neck and décolleté. After 2 months of daily use, my skin was radically better and I realized that more than 50% of the wrinkles and stretch marks were gone! God knows how difficult it is to erase stretch marks! Well… Wild Musk Rose oil (Rosa mosqueta) did and still does it for me as I continue my skin healing treatment. This product is so amazing that it makes botox and cosmetic surgery barbarian and old-fashioned. Once you realize that Mother Nature had it perfect from the beginning, you will never again be looking for new hyped up chemical imitations of natural marvels.

Only trust Nature for your Beauty care.

Enjoy the Spring and the Sun (but more wisely than me!)