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Beauty Matters: Natural or Conventional Skin Care

Skin CareGlowing, wrinkle-free and supple skin forever: the absolute dream for anyone who cares about beauty! Ads everywhere are promising you to make it happen, to turn back the clock if you use this or that product. And today, most people think the higher the price of a skincare product, the better the product; but truth is that price has little to do with efficiency in the domain of Beauty. Discover the real secret of beauty and how to use it in your everyday life ...

Beauty, dream or utopia?

Unless you are an aficionado of Mrs Mim's from the Walt Disney cartoon "The Sword and the Stone" (Yewwww!), you know and feel that we live in a culture worshiping a totally stereotyped iconic image of Beauty, male or female. Think about it: we are all bombarded day after day with idealized, airbrushed and almost unattainable images of physical beauty in magazines, in commercials, in movies, on websites ... Everywhere you turn, you see this emblematic beauty. Everywhere, except when you look in the mirror. If you are a woman, from the time you are a little girl until your death, you will pursue this dream of beauty, greatly encouraged by all the industry that profits from you trying to achieve this impossible dream.

Skin CareThis Beautymania is not new and it has led many generations of women to a road of perdition. This was the case of the Paris Belle Epoque beauty idol, Mme X, whose scandalous portrait had been painted by Sargent and who took arsenic pellets to make her skin look whiter and more diaphanous (it was very fahionable at the time). Having a perfect, wrinkle-free and forever-youthful skin is now an absolute necessity and obligation for women, and now more and more men, to feel self-confident, attractive and sexy; at home and at work. Nowadays, how are you supposed to reach this ideal image of beauty?

Chemical Beauty

The truth is that even though there is an amazing wealth of beauty care products available, some of them costing up to $660 per oz, perfect beauty rarely reached except for a few very lucky women and certain top models. Just have a look at people in full light when you walk on the street, in the mall or at your sports club; you will understand what I mean: acne, blemishes, hypersensitive skin, redness, eczema, rosacea and the like are so common, though to different degrees, that it's alarming. Why is it so? Because of people's lifestyle but also, and to a great degree, because of the skin care products they use. Unfortunately, they're mostly inefficient and toxic on the medium to long range.

For ages, women have used natural ingredients to care for the beauty of their skin, hair and body. But last century, people started believing in the almighty power of chemicals to fix everything, from diseases to wrinkles.

But what kind of job do chemicals really perform on your skin?

The poor beauty performance of conventional skin care

Here, I am going to share with you my personal experience and what I have observed from people asking me to help them as a beauty expert. At first, the conventional (chemical) skin care product feels good and smells good (for the most part) when you use it. Your skin feels moist and supple and even protected. Then, after some time, you sense that the cream does not feel that good anymore; you might even feel that your skin starts reacting and becoming more unbalanced (either drier or oilier or reactive) until it sometimes turns out to be totally unbearable. It is as if your skin was rejecting the product or at the very least, this product was not doing its job anymore. This rejection might be more pronounced in some people than others. It happens because chemicals are "foreign" to your skin. Then you're off to finding the next miraculous chemical moisturizer ...

Spas: the beauty havens?

What happens when you go to a conventional spa? After your facial, you feel great, relaxed, refreshed. Your skin looks gorgeous and you are all happy. You follow the recommendations of your expert beautician, who took such good care of you, and trustfully buy the skin care products she suggests. You come back home, use the recommended products until you sense they do not do a proper job on your skin anymore. Then you either change the products or change the spa, thinking that the next one will be better. Beside the fact that most chemicals in your cream will end up in your bloodstream and your body, their beneficial action on your skin is very limited and superficial (see our body burden article for more information). The benefits of conventional skin care can ONLY be superficial. This is because synthetic chemicals are unnatural while your skin is natural: they cannot really talk to each other.

The unmatched power of natural beauty care

Skin CareUltimately, the power of natural beauty care comes from nature itself. It is a question of liveliness, diversity and richness. Let me explain:
  • The alchemical language of life

    Each good natural product only contains either raw or processed botanical ingredients. Because plants are alive, they speak the language of life, the very same language that your skin and body speak. This common life language gives plants the power to provide nurturing, nourishment and protection to your skin, body or hair through natural beauty care. But there is more to it!

  • The infinite richness and diversity of natural botanical extracts

    Each raw botanical, be it a floral water or a plant oil, is a full beauty product on its own, with hundreds of components. In the end, in a jar of natural anti-aging cream, there is a powerful synergy of hundreds or even thousands of natural compounds each bringing something unique to your skin and body. No single chemical active component can match this.

    This liveliness, diversity and richness are granting natural beauty care the alchemical power to nurture, nourish and protect your beauty. Nothing is more powerful.

  • The safety issue

    Finally, natural beauty care products are only beneficial, not toxic, for your body. They act at a profound level and sustain a deeply healthy and beneficial long-term relationship with your skin, hair and body. Why would you choose to go for less?

Home Spa for holistic beauty care

Skin CareA new section on our holistic selfcare page called Home Spa is here for you to be able to perform spa-level do-it-yourself beauty care from the comfort of your home and all holistically. The idea is to give you beauty expert tips and recipes, simple or elaborated, to take care of your skin, body and hair from home, naturally and holistically. You can even submit your own successful recipes if you wish!

The benefits of Home Spa treatments:

  • It's easy and fun
  • It's powerful and provides solutions to every day beauty problem (skin, body or hair)
  • Each beauty treatment is broken down in simple easy-to-follow steps
  • It's relaxing and helps you to find a renewed vitality
  • It's spa-level care from real beauty expert
  • It saves you time and money
  • It's all natural and totally non-toxic
Because we live in a very fast-pace society, where the vast majority of us are ultra-overwhelmed, taking time to care for ourselves is crucial to our sanity and balance. Why not doubling the benefits and performing spa-level skin and body care while relaxing and unwinding at home? Not only your skin and body will be rejuvenated and replenished, but your nervous and immune systems also. Each of the ingredients used for Home Spa recipes, from clay to plant oils and floral waters, is pure and natural and provides a vast range of beauty and anti-aging benefits. It also makes your beauty routine more fun and more effective. Don't wait to be 40 years old to start taking care of yourself. In beauty, the earlier you start, the better.

Our Home Spa section is meant for both women AND men, so men should definitely look at these recipes: they are not girlish! Any skin, whether masculine or feminine, needs some care to thrive and be beautiful.