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Happy Motherhood, the rule of 3Hs: Holistic Mom, Holistic Pregnancy, Holistic Baby ...

Being a Mother is the most beautiful and -yes!- meaningful job on MotherhoodEarth. Giving birth is one of the most sacred and glorious acts in life. In this article, you will find 9 tips to become a happy eco-conscious and healthy mom-to-be, preparing your body and soul holistically to conceive and carry this baby in the best conditions.


If you think about it, the magic and mystery of Life are just mind-blowing when you consider that it takes just making love at the right moment and 9 months later, a new little human being is born. You may have heard from the news that since last century, there is a growing problem of infertility in both women and men, and birth defects. Some simple steps will ensure that your body is pure and balanced to conceive easily and have a blissful worry-free pregnancy.

Going Green and being holistic is the best choice for you and your future baby

The old view that the placenta is a barrier protecting the baby from contaminants in the mother's body is plain wrong, as demonstrated by recent research. So what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe and what you put on your body (creams, shampoos, soaps and makeup) go through your body to your baby. That is why protecting yourself from more exposure and contamination, as well as cleaning your body from the existing accumulation of chemicals in your tissues (see below body burden) are two critical steps in preparation for your pregnancy. Mother Nature can help and support you in your new adventure in many ways. Take advantage of her loving support by following the 9 tips below.

9 tips for a Holistic Blissful Pregnancy

  1. detoxify for at least 3-6 months before your pregnancy. Green Clay is one of the most natural and efficient detoxifier. Read our article to find out more about this wonder of nature as well as the other efficient detox solutions. You may also want to include fresh ginger tea to cleanse your blood (see the recipe here) and chlorella (which is a superfood) to detox even further and get all the vitamins and minerals you need
  2. use certified natural and organic skin, body and hair care products like all Nature Purity products, which don't contain any parabens, phtalates, petrochemicals or other toxic chemicals
  3. eat as organic as you can or if you can't, concentrate on products which make the most difference like: book review
  4. use natural detergents and house cleaning products
  5. avoid, at any cost, treating your lawn and garden chemically see our article about it for details.
  6. Take it easy and avoid panicking about chemicals and pollution: stress and fears are as toxic for you and your baby as bad chemicals. Moreover, many infertility problems include psychological factors. One of them being the fear of not being able to conceive
  7. make sure that you have all the vitamins and essential fatty acids you need
  8. get some specific massage like lymphatic drainage or simply exercise to help move the toxins and chemicals out of your body
Once you have begun to be a conscious eco-mom, you won't have to worry about body burden anymore. So just relax and prepare yourself for what will be the greatest adventure of your life. Mother Nature supports you...

What is Body Burden?

The main problem with chemicals isn't that they float around everywhere. No, the problem is that some of them tend to accumulate in tissues and organs while they aren't meant to be there: this is called Body Burden. Mainstream food, clothes, beds, plastic bottles and of course cosmetics contain chemicals which are toxic for you and your future baby. Here are a few examples...
are food and cosmetic preservatives, which have been found in breast cancers lumps and are suspected to be hormone disruptors.
have been linked to problems with reproductive system development in baby boys and to insulin resistance and obesity in adult men. They are used in a wide variety of cosmetic products, such as moisturizers, nail polish and baby powder; cleaning products; plastic food wraps; and toys, especially those made with PVC plastic. Other uses include medical equipment and building supplies.
Bisphenol A
(also known as BPA) has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, reproductive problems, diabetes and alteration of brain chemistry and behavioral changes. It is used in many household products, including plastic baby bottles, hard plastic sports bottles and metal food cans, which are often lined with plastic to prevent a metallic taste in food.
were formerly used as electrical insulators, among other things, have been found to affect the immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems. They are also considered a probable carcinogen. Though their production in the U.S. was banned in 1979, these long-lasting chemicals continue to circulate in the environment and in the food chain. New releases also occur when old equipment made with PCBs is damaged or improperly disposed of.
- a byproduct of the manufacture and burning of chlorine products, can affect the cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, reproductive, nervous and endocrine systems and cause cancer.

Scientists are discovering more and more sickening effects of these chemicals. However, what they underestimate is the amazing power of life. You have control and power over your body despite the appearances. There are hundreds of natural ways to make your vitality and life blossom. We will look into a few in our next articles about the rule of 3Hs for happy Motherhood. By adopting a holistic lifestyle, you are supporting and enhancing the power of life within you. In turn, this assures that you are at the top of your shape and energy day after day to enjoy this new adventure of 9 months of co-creation.

Look for our next articles about holistic mom and baby.

Please take good care of yourself,


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