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Holistic Pregnancy: Give Your Baby the Best Chance in Life for Health and Happiness.

Twentieth-century medicine dealt with child health and adult health separately says Dr Jack Shonkoff of Harvard University. What 21st-centruy medicine is telling us is that if we want to change adult health, we have to look in babies, even before they're born.

PregnancyThis is the essence of the latest scientific research on aging and diseases. Fighting against the diseases of aging begins in the womb during pregnancy. Giving a baby the best chance for health is the responsibility of the mother and should start before the baby is even born! It might sound crazy at first, but if you consider that the baby's and mom's bodies are talking to each other through hormones, nutrients, chemicals and whatever travels with the blood and through placenta in the amniotic fluid, it makes complete sense.

Diet, pollution and stress are factors which are definitely and deeply affecting the baby, and his/her health in the future. You will find here what happens when you eat junk foods, expose yourself to pollution and stress the life out of yourself when you are pregnant. By following a few simple and efficient solutions you can make sure your baby gets the best start in life.


Vegetale Foods The Issue: The diet is of course totally crucial because what the mother eats tells a fetus a lot about its future environment, including how much and what type of food will be available after birth. Babies conceived during times of famine will have a metabolism geared toward hoarding calories and being very thrifty. Once such a child gets on a normal diet, he/she may grow up to be fat or diabetic. Junk foods, overeating sweets can also predispose the baby for metabolic diseases or food sensitivities and allergies later in life.

The Solution: For your baby to be healthy when he/she is born and later in life, YOU as a mother, may want to do your best to eat as healthy and exercise as regularly as possible. If you need an inspiration we suggest that you check a great book Thrive Diet. It proposes quite a few very easy and simple ways to achieve it.


and PollutionThe Issue: Many things can bias the baby for diseases or aging later in life. Babies exposed to synthetic hormones while in the womb (pesticides, parabens or phthalates, are synthetic hormones! We wrote about it in our article: Happy Motherhood, the rule of 3Hs: Holistic Mom, Holistic Pregnancy, Holistic Baby ...) may begin to respond abnormally to the natural hormones produced by their own bodies later on in life, says Dr Hugh Taylor of Yale University School of Medicine. That was the case for the anti-miscarriage drug (which was hailed as the biggest achievement at the time and its inventor even received a Nobel prize) DES which prompted babies to have rare cancers and fertility problems later in life. Now Dr Taylor and other scientists are concerned that "hormone-disrupting" chemicals (read our Motherhood article) could cause similar problems.

Such hormone-disrupting chemicals are commonly used in mainstream personal care products, although some companies are making efforts to remove them. However this process is slow and most of the products you find on shelves of regular department stores contain toxic ingredients, which may cause cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

You may want to be on the safe side and avoid these harmful chemicals as much as possible. Remember that whatever you put on your skin and hair goes into your bloodstream and reaches not only your entire body but also your baby if you are pregnant.

The Solution: Choose natural and organic products which are certified by respected and experienced Certification Agencies, like Ecocert which only certifies products with ingredients that are safe for people and the environment. Nature Purity only carries products that are manufactured in Ecocert certified labs, with certified ingredients, in a totally certified way: products you can trust for you and your family.


MeditationThe Issue: Stress is a typical component of anyone's life. But sometimes, stress is so acute and persistent that it becomes "toxic" and some research suggests that this may gear the child's nervous system to be on perpetual high alert. Over time, this can damage the immune response and lead to chronic ailments, such as heart disease and depression.

Solution: depending on your level of stress, you may want to go for:

  • relaxation and meditation
  • breathing exercises
  • yoga or tai chi
  • stress management courses
  • counseling or psychotherapy
However, you may find that melodious and harmonious music or hiking in wilderness or biking or gardening can relieve you from your stress. Listen to your own heart and find your own way.

Help yourself, and you will give your baby the best chances for health and happiness for his/her entire life. It's a win-win situation: what could be best?