Herbal Extracts

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Holistic Beauty and Wellness from Nature

The Wonders of Organic Herbs for your Beauty and Health

Herb Pharm
Liquid Herb ExtractNature offers a wide range of solutions for your holistic beauty and health. However, it requires knowledge and art to identify what to use and from which source in each case. Because beauty and health are indivisible, they are like the two sides of the same coin; you need to tend to your health to achieve the gorgeous radiant and youthful beauty everyone is dreaming of. In the ocean of potential herbal solutions, we have identified the ones which quality matches that of our beauty products. You will find here a specific selection of highest quality liquid herbal extracts, single or compounds, to support your beauty and wellness in synergy. Organic or wild harvested in the most pristine environments, each single herb extracts and herbal compounds has been selected to support and enhance your beauty, health and vitality by:
  • Providing for the beauty needs of your skin, body and hair
  • Resolving skin and hair issues like excess dryness, oiliness, sensitivity, acne, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, thinning or falling hair and many more
  • Helping you fight, reverse and prevent aging more efficiently and at a deeper and more global level
  • Enhancing your body detoxification
  • Supporting your digestion, assimilation and elimination systems
  • Assisting the normal regeneration of your skin and body

Why liquid herbal extracts instead of capsules?

Herb Pharm
Liquid Herb ExtractBroad-spectrum herbal extracts are the most potent and effective way to ingest herbal medicine, and are superior to so-called "standardized" extracts because those often use toxic industrial solvents and exclude many of the herbs' chemical compounds. This holistic approach to herbal extraction produces a broad-spectrum extract that's rich in the color, aroma, flavor, and bio-activity of the original herb itself, but in a form that's easily ingested and optimally assimilated by the body. Liquid extracts are the best and most effective form of herbal extracts because:
  • Your body absorbs liquids better and does not need to digest capsules and dried extracts full of woody stuff
  • Some plants need to be extracted fresh from the field to have optimum efficiency
  • It's easier to dose liquid than dried herbal extracts
  • Tasting the herb adds to its action
  • Liquid extracts last longer

Why Herb Pharm?

Herb Pharm has a long experience in the production of herbal extracts of the highest quality, manufactured with ethics and respect of Nature. Unlike many other herbal companies, there is a real passion and knowledge at the root of this company. We have tried their products, we like them and they work. We wish to share our positive experience with you.

Where to start?

To make it easier for you to choose the right herb extract for your conditions we compiled the herbal extracts benefits table, that summarizes the traditional uses of some individual herb or herbal compounds based on traditions from the Western, Eastern and Native American traditional medicines*

How do the herbal extracts combine with Clay detox?

Clay does a powerful detoxification and revitalization by itself. Yet, adding specific herbs or herbal compounds do support the amazing work of Clay. Depending on the season and your beauty or health condition, you will want to choose specific herbs for more beauty and wellness. You will find more in the summary table.