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The Other Worst Skin Enemy: the Cold Season

Winter ColdWe are exactly in mid-winter as we've just passed Ground Hog Day and we're supposed to get 6 more weeks of cold weather because the little critter saw its shadow. All over the news, TV, the Internet and doctors' offices, you see and hear that the sun is the worst enemy of your skin. But where do you learn about the harms of the cold season, the second worst enemy of your skin as far as aging? Here are 7 winter mistakes that you ought to avoid if you want to protect your skin from damages and aging.

7 mistakes that will make your skin age much faster

1. Using the same moisturizer year round

The common thinking is that one moisturizer fits all seasons; however, using the same moisturizer in the summer and winter is the top mistake in skin care. The climatic conditions change a lot during the year and they are especially harsh on your skin during the cold and summer seasons: that's when your skin is being most damaged. In fact, winter deserves the title of the 2nd worst enemy of your skin (the sun being the 1st one). Cold and dryness put a lot of stress on your skin because they dehydrate, make your skin vulnerable to damages and trigger inflammation. Dehydration and inflammation are the main triggers in aging. Therefore, to shield your skin against aging, always upgrade for a richer, more protective and more moisturizing cream during the cold season. Even if your skin is usually oily during the warm season, you should switch to a slightly richer moisturizer during the cold season.

Winter ColdI always recommend Biolift anti-aging cream and Shea butter products during the winter as Shea butter is natural, pure and richly moisturizing, protecting and nourishing. You may also want to look at Apricot Kernel oil and Argan oil as facial night skin treatments because of their high concentration in essential fatty acids (EFAs) (like omega-3 and omega-6) and powerful antioxidants. EFAs are nourishing, healing and regenerating to your skin; they are the ultimate anti-aging ingredients for your skin and your whole body. Learn more about these precious nutrients in our EFAs article.

2.Using harsh cleansers and body washes

The vast majority of body washes, soaps and cleansers contain concentrated harsh detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate that strip your skin off its natural protective sebum and may trigger irritation. This ruthless washing leaves your skin dry and vulnerable to the cold, dryness and even infections. It is also the best way to trigger or wake up skin problems like eczema. So ... Watch out what you use to wash yourself, and choose only gentle organic body washes or pure soaps like organic Marseille Soap or organic Aleppo soap.

3. Not using sunscreen and aftersun care in the winter

ColdAlthough the sun is much less aggressive during the winter (in the Northern hemisphere), if you go out in the snow for a walk, a sledge party with the kids or skiing, you should ALWAYS be aware of the fact that snow, like water, amplifies the sunlight. Your skin is exposed to damages by the sun as much in the winter as it is in the summer. Moreover, for those of you who go to the tropics for a winter break, be aware that your body goes through a radical climate change, which is not natural (sorry, Nature didn't intend for us to go from the heart of snowy winter to sunny tropics in just a few hours!). It would actually make sense for you to do a few tanning sessions (in a good tanning salon) to prepare your skin for the sunny vacation. In any case, at home or under the tropics, your skin needs additional sunscreen protection, because it is more vulnerable in the winter. If the conditions are not too rough, you may even use Raspberry seed oil as a protective moisturizer because it has a broad spectrum anti-UV-A and UV-B protection. Although it is not a pure sunscreen, it is the equivalent of a 28-50 SPF (sun protecting factor). Finally, you need to make sure that you nourish and help your skin to heal with appropriate aftersun care like Argan oil, Apricot oil, Wild Musk Rose oil or Shea butter creams. Failing to use proper aftersun care will accelerate the aging of your skin as much as not using sunscreen. In plain words, you will soon look 10 years older than you are.

4. Using hot water for long baths or showers

Although hot and long baths and showers are comforting during the cold season, they do have a paradoxical drying effect on your skin and dermatologists always advise against hot water for a long time during the winter. Instead, use slightly less hot water or shower/bath for a shorter time; afterwards, ALWAYS moisturize your skin (face AND body) after. An organic lotion like the organic anti-aging Tocophea Body Lotion or the rich and healing Shea butter lotion are perfect to moisturize, protect and nurture your skin. If you have a very dry and sensitive skin, you will love the ultra richRose Shea butter on your body for extra nourishment and anti-aging protection.

5. Not protecting your lips, hands and body

Cold We have just seen how important it is to moisturize your body. But think of your lips and hands: they are, with your face, the most exposed to the harsh climate and dehydration (and eating and drinking and talking and washing a lot). Truth is, you can always read the real age of a woman by looking at her hands. You may choose to facelift your face, but no one does surgery on hands and it is often a neglected part of the body in the beauty ritual. Same thing for the lips: they easily get damaged and wrinkled because they are so exposed. Both need protection. For both the lips and hands, we recommend pure Shea butter creams while for the hands, you should also consider our easy-to-use and silky softHand and Nail cream, the nourishing and anti-agingArgan oil or Perilla oil.

6. Not monitoring the humidity level at home

Last year, our central humidifier broke down without us realizing it. Not only my skin was a nightmare of dryness and itchiness, but our heating bill also went up a lot. Low humidity causes static electricity, dry skin and hair, and itching and chapping. The nose and throat dry out, increasing your discomfort and susceptibility to colds and respiratory illness. With low humidity levels, body moisture evaporates so quickly that you feel chilled even at higher thermostat settings. Adding a humidifier to your home will remedy these problems. The recommended humidity level inside your home should be between 35-40% to be comfortable for you. You may also want to get green indoor plants to purify the air and add moisture, as plants are great de-polluters.

7. Putting on a lot of makeup

ColdYes! You read it right; putting a lot of make-up can make your skin age faster because it blocks the pores, prevents your skin from breathing and may even contain toxic chemicals that intoxicate your skin. I have seen so many women, young or old, trying to cover up the flaws of their skin with tons of foundation and concealer and powder. The result is NEVER what they hope for and pretty scary. So not only it does not look good, but the skin is also choked, which always accelerate aging. To understand what I mean, just put as much foundation on the leaves of a green plant and see how it likes it. So, please, only use natural and organic make-up and use it wisely with a light hand. Make-up is an art and if not used wisely, the results are catastrophic in terms of beauty.