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Clay, a special type of Earth, has been used for healing and beauty purposes for millennia and by many different cultures all over the planet. Its plethora of health and beauty benefits comes from its detoxifying, balancing and vitalizing powers. Egyptians used it for beauty; some people claim they healed cancer with it. Find out what it is really and how and why it is so powerful to purify and strengthen the life force within you and to support your beauty and health.

What is Clay?

Clay is a special type of soil from the Earth. There are many different types of clays and different colors of clays, depending on their mineral composition. The most used (and powerful) clays in beauty, healing and pharmaceutics are Montmorillonite and Kaolin. Montmorillonite comes from volcanic rocks while Kaolin comes from granite rocks. Within the Earth, Clays have filtered pure water for millennia and accumulated precious minerals, trace elements and life giving energies. Exposed to the Sunlight in quarries, they captured and accumulated its vital energies. Thus, in each clay, you have the powers and life giving energies of Earth, Water and Sun.

The history of Clay

Clays have been used to heal diseases and ailments since antiquity and even Paleolithic. In nature, when animals are wounded or sick, they instinctively eat or bathe in clay to heal themselves. There is even a species of parrots in Amazonia, which eat clay regularly as their diet is made of a specific type of seeds which hull contains toxic tannins. The eaten clay slowly travels in his digestive tract, trapping and neutralizing the toxic tannins, saving the life of the parrot (from the book Wild Health by Cindy Engel).

Egyptians used clay internally to cure digestive diseases, internal hemorrhage, stomachache, cholera and ulcers. They know about clay's purification properties and used it in many ways, including in facial clay masks to take away anxiety, worries, fears and grief. The knowledge of clay healing powers has been passed down in folk tradition from generation to generation in many different cultures all over the planet. It's only recently that science has started investigating its many wonders. Today's natural healers are only using the healing clay knowledge from the Antiquity Egyptian medicine-priests. The knowledge and use of clay has never ceased and never been forgotten, although today people seem to "rediscover" its marvels for health and beauty.

What does Clay do?

Clay is a very basic yet tremendously powerful healing medicine. It's good for just about everything you can think of because it is a life and health giving remedy.
  • Clay is detoxifying in case of food poisoning, heavy metal poisoning (it is actually more powerful than chlorella) or pesticides, insecticides and chemicals intoxication (BPA and PCB for example which are nasty chemicals)
  • Clay is rebalancing, regenerating, revitalizing and soothing at the same time, both internally and externally.
  • Clay is remineralizing
  • Clay is anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing
  • Clay is antiseptic and disinfecting, internally and externally even for antibiotic resistant bacteria like Streptococcus bacteria. It's been used with amazing success in Africa to heal a terrible disease called Buruli's ulcer. Buruli's ulcer is an infectious disease that eats the skin, muscles and bones, is excruciatingly painful and often disfiguring as it often necessitates surgery. Clay treatments through application of poultices have been able to heal this disease and avoid the necessity of surgery for many patients.
All these wonderful properties have been tested and confirmed clinically in France, Africa and other parts of the world by doctors, nurses and health practitioners. So why isn't Clay more known and used if it's so good? Because it's dirt-cheap, because there's no funding for research about it and because it cannot bring enough profit to any pharmaceutical or marketing industry. But Clay belongs to humanity and it's an amazing gift from Mother Nature to your Health and Beauty.

How does Clay work?

Taken internally or used externally, Clay draws toxins, cellular wastes and pollutants from tissues and organs and traps them inside its network-like structure of minerals. It also stimulates the healthy and regenerative processes in tissues and organs all over the body. Finally, Clay brings minerals and trace elements that are indispensable for health and beauty. These much wanted minerals and trace elements include: calcium, aluminum (it's a natural one, so it's good and vital to lots of enzymatic reactions in your body), magnesium, silica, potassium, sodium, sulfur, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and manganese...

Trace elements have a quadruple action:

  • They are catalyzers for specific body reactions which cannot happen without their presence (much like vitamins)
  • They improve and balance the body background and stimulate defense mechanisms and resistance to infections
  • They are an intrinsic part of some body molecules
  • They control specific body process and metabolism
The truth is that Clay has not unveiled all its secrets yet and we don't know exactly how it works. However, anyone using it can see its powerful healing and beautifying actions. Its life supporting and healing action might find their explanation in the fact that the first DNA molecules originated in Clay beds in the ocean depths.

What is Clay good for?

Clay is beneficial and healing for so many problems and diseases that the list would be too long. It is far easier to name the few instances where Clay is counter-indicated.

And there are only three cases where Clay is bad for you:

  • if you have high blood pressure
  • if you have severe chronic constipation
  • if you have a very high fat diet
Clay will also enhance and synergize with plant extracts, tinctures and essential oils so don't hesitate to add it to your natural treatments. You can take clay either internally diluted in water of juice (see recipe) and externally in poultices, mouthwashes and baths (see recipes).

Internally, clay can be used for:

  • wide spectrum detox (heavy metals, PCBs, BPA, pesticides, toxic microbes...)
  • skin and hair purification and revitalization
  • stomach ulcer and acid reflux
  • digestive problems
  • food poisoning
  • diarrhea and gas (it's good to take some Clay with you when you go on vacation, especially to the tropics!)
  • rebalancing of the intestinal flora (it absorbs bad bacteria, viruses, parasites and yeasts)
  • colds and flu
  • arthritis, rheumatisms, osteoporosis

Externally, clay is a powerful healing and regenerating remedy for your skin, hair and beauty. But it is also good for:

  • trauma, sprains and strains
  • fractures
  • wounds
  • back and joint pain and inflammation
  • after surgery recovery (prevention of scar tissue)
  • arthritis, rheumatisms
  • sinusitis
  • bronchitis and other lung problems
  • acne
  • abscesses
  • stomach spasms and pain
  • detox, through application of Clay poultices on the lower abdomen
Used in facial or body masks, Clay purifies the skin, brings it all the minerals and trace elements it needs, clarifies the complexion and stimulates all the regenerative processes, including the smoothing out of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Look up our facial masks recipes and anti-acne recipes.

The recipes

Clay water: stir 1 tsp of Clay (white and/or green) in 8 fl.oz of water or herbal tea or juice. Let it sit overnight and drink the water, but not the clay deposit in the morning. Repeat for a week. From the second week onward, you can drink everything including the Clay as your body is used to it. You can go on for at least 3 weeks, then stop and resume a week later.

WARNING: never interrupt a Clay detox abruptly. If you start a Clay cure, do it for a few weeks at least before stopping.

Clay poultice: mix Clay with pure water 1:1 until you obtain a thick enough paste. Apply a 1/2-3/4 inch poultice on the chosen area. Apply a piece of cheesecloth, then a towel to cover. Fix up with a bandage. Keep on for at least 2 hrs.

WARNING: NEVER reuse Clay poultice as once used, Clay has absorbed toxins, pollutants and chemicals and is not good anymore for you.