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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


embrace This October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Learn more about 7 easy steps which will help you to never have to think about and be afraid of breast cancer ever again.

Breast cancer might seem like a fatality, but it reality it is not. This month, instead of dwelling on scary statistic, calculating your risk of having breast cancer and being afraid that it might strike you like thunder; but take the opportunity to reflect on what you think, what you feel and what you can do to improve your life and health. The wealth of information available about health can be summarized in 7 easy steps to a cancer-free life. Empower yourself, use these steps and be healthy!

The most important step is to realize the impact fear and stress have on your health (and beauty!). An abundance of scientific studies show the direct link between what you think, what you feel and what is happening in your body. For example if you are in a constant stress and misery because of your children or your partner/husband and things are not the way you wish they were, at some point, this mass of stress will be downloaded into your tissues, most likely your breast, and will manifest itself as breast cancer[1,2].

The second most important step is to monitor your lifestyle and your body burden which is the amount of harmful chemicals present in a person's body. If your lifestyle is unhealthy and you use food and beauty products laden with bad chemicals, this reduces the threshold of your body resistance. The combination of this stress+bad lifestyle could contribute to the triggering of a cancer. However for this cancer to come up, many cellular security checkpoints had to be destroyed. There are many ways you can help to keep these anticancer cellular security safeguards strong and functional. To keep it simple and efficient, Here are 7 steps to a cancer (and illness) free life:

  1. Detox regularly

    Even if you eat organic healthy food, you are still exposed to pollutants through the air you breathe, the water you drink and the lawns and golf courses you walk on. More and more reports show that the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat are loaded with unfriendly chemicals and there are even reports showing the presence of drugs like antidepressants, painkillers and antibiotics . Fortunately, there are easy, efficient and natural ways to get rid of the toxic waste which accumulates in your body. In the past, fasting was a simple way to help the body to get rid of its body burden. Nowdays, our hectic schedule makes it more difficult. However, you can use a combination of French green clay (montmorillonite) and herbal extracts (dandelion, milk thistle and chlorella for example) cures for 3 weeks in the Spring and in the Fall (the changing seasons) to help your body to eliminate the toxins, chemicals and pollutants accumulated in your tissues.
  2. Eat healthy, drink plenty

    As the cells of your body continually renews itself (your intestine renews itself every 2 days!), what you eat and drink is what builds up your body! Eat plenty of local or organic vegetables, fruits and nuts packed with anti-oxidants, lower your intake of sugar, alcohol, meat and caffeine and drink plenty of water.
  3. Clean up your bathroom

    Toxins enter your body not only through the food and air, but also through your skin which is the largest organ of your body. Did you know that your skin absorbs toxins? 60% of ingredients of your beauty products penetrate your skin into the bloodstream within 15 minutes. Some cosmetic ingredients like parabens (preservatives widely used in beauty products) or phthalates (additives in nail polishes and baby products) have been linked to health issues like breast cancer, birth defects and hormone disruption. Make sure that your beauty products don't contain any!
  4. active

    Get active

    Regular physical activity has been shown to be protective against breast cancer (and lots of other health problems). It eliminates your stress, anger and worries by channeling them into physical energy and movement! Life is movement so keep moving with harmony

  5. Sleep

    Far from being lost and wasted time, sleep is when your entire body rests and regenerates. When you sleep, your brain resets itself and flushes stress like your body flushes tensions and toxins[3]. So make sure you get at least 7-8h of sleep most nights.
  6. Make green tea your beverage of choice

    greenteaDrinking green tea is linked with lower incidence of many kinds of cancer[4] (and other diseases as well). Plus it is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and helps with weight loss! You may be addicted to coffee, but think of green tea once a day: it will help you to stay healthy!
  7. Meditate and manage your stress

    meditationAll that we are is the result of what we think, consciously or unconsciously. The more we give into stress and fear, the more we deplete ourselves from energy and vitality…and health. Learning to manage your stress is crucial not only for your happiness but more importantly for your very down-to-earth health. The practice of self-healing meditation opens a gate for your mind to rest in silence and space. Meditation doesn't mean sitting in a perfect state of peace while having no thoughts. On the contrary! Meditation is about training yourself to place your attention where and when you want, which helps you gain emotional stability and the ability to manage the stress of your everyday life in a healthy and balanced way. Top neurobiologists are just discovering how much good meditation does to people's brain and body[5]. Be ahead of everyone else, don't study meditation, do it!

Staying healthy is easier than you think. These 7 steps sound simple, yet they are much more powerful than you can imagine to keep you healthy, if you decide to follow them as a daily routine. Try them out and you'll see for yourself what a world of difference they make. Empower yourself! You only need a little bit of daily discipline and awareness.

At Nature Purity, beauty is our passion: healthy beauty only.

Take good care of yourself!


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