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Review of Go Green, Live Rich: 50 Simple Ways to Save the Earth and Get Rich by David Bach

For those of you who think that being green is only for rich people who can afford to buy fancy organic coffee and beauty products, this book shows how little things make the difference between rich and poor. As Richard Bach writes "It is not what you earn that makes you rich or poor, it is what you spend". Go Green, Live Rich takes you by the hand to become green. You will find 50 helpful tips, which are both environment-friendly, save the planet and save you money. Just pick a few and see the difference it makes in your life, for your family and for your wallet.

By just choosing 4 out of the 50 tips:
  • improve your car's economy and save $884 annually
  • repair the leeks in your home and save $129 on your bill
  • adjust your thermostat 3 degrees and save $85
  • start bringing your lunch at work and save $1560
Total saving $3758 or approximately $10 a day of green savings. If you invest these $10 a day in a 10% investment, in 30 years you will have $678,146!

Go Green, Live RichRichard Bach covers everything from driving smart to shopping green to green your real estate strategy. Everything is well documented and he gives lots of reference websites for more details about how to implement each tip.

The way he came to realize that being green is actually good for you is interesting. He shares the fact that he became more environmentally conscious suddenly and by accident. He moved into one of the leading green apartment buildings in the country. He did it not because he cared about being green, but because of the location: the apartment was close to his son's favorite park. Then within weeks, their health improved a lot. His life long allergies simply disappeared, as did his son's mild asthma. They also started to sleep longer and more soundly. He started to make more green changes from his cleaning products to his car and found out that these changes were not costing him money, but saving him money.

Be greener, save more and get more

Here is another money saving green tip: by giving up your upscale expensive glossy cosmetics full of promise and empty chemicals and buying Nature Purity products, not only you save money but you actually get much better results on your skin.

Example: compare Absolue Premium Lancome anti-aging moisturizer at $120 and Nature Purity Anti-Aging Bio-Lift Cream at $30.95. One cream lasts about 45-60 days. At the end of the year, by switching from Lancome chemical stuff to Nature Purity natural elixir of youth, you will not only save $720.40 but will see better results on your skin: smoother, more toned, more supple and more radiant. Think about it: it's not because something is expensive that it works better