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Natural and Holistic Beauty and Health at your finger.

Essential oils are not just good-smelling, they are extremely powerful, therapeutic and beautifying. This book is an indispensable everyday guide for whoever is interested in and wishes to incorporate essential oils in their beauty and health routine. It is simple, practical, easy-to-understand and has been written by a real expert who has studied the pioneers of Aromatherapy revival and practiced for decades. You can trust what Valerie writes, because she really knows what she's talking about and she makes it simple and easy for everyone to benefit from the wonders and power of essential oils.

It starts with a basic kit of 10 essential oils and the description of each one. Then it offers one chapter for each purpose: travel, occupational, sports and workouts, beauty, babies and children, for women, for men, for healthy aging, for home, for cooking, for pets, etc...

For Beauty, Valerie gives a very good introduction for each section on face, body and hair care and goes on with specific recipes, proved to work by years of practice, for each condition. You can make your own mask, hair rinse or anti-blackheads lotion at home and experience the miracles of essential oils on your skin, hair and soul.

I have a passion for Aromatherapy and have come to read and review dozens of books about the subject, but this one is my top favorite. I love and use it every week. I have the highest respect for Valerie and consider her as an invaluable expert on Aromatherapy. Nurture your beauty and boost your vitality and health with essential oils thanks to Valerie's guidance.

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