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Detox 101: "CLEAN" by Dr Alejandro Junger, MD

With more and more people turning to alternative medicines and natural remedies, there is a wealth of detox programs in books, news, broadcasts and magazines. But what is detox? Who needs it? How does it work? And more importantly what is safe and unsafe in detoxifying? "Clean", Dr Alejandro Junger's book answers all your questions in a precise and fun way. It also provides all the details of his Clean Program: the revolutionary program to restore the body's natural ability to heal itself.

One detox book to trust and follow

Clean by Dr. A Junger, MD Clean isn't a detox book coming from pure imagination or theory, it comes from real experience and life-long research for healing. Dr Junger came from his native Uruguay to NYC to do his residency and become a cardiologist. After some time living the American way in the city that never sleeps, he started having allergies, digestive problems and finally depression. He had never felt that bad in his life and couldn't understand what was happening with his body and mind. He refused to be on medication for the rest of his life, knowing their side effects and started a personal journey to healing. After studying traditional medicines from around the world, he discovered the remarkable benefits of fasting and detoxifying and experienced full blown healing himself. After a few weeks on a specific detoxifying program, his depression, allergies, digestives problems were all gone, vanished... He had more energy than he had had in a long time, had lost weight and his skin was glowing: he looked 10 years younger. Friends and colleagues from the hospitals where he worked were so bewildered by this extraordinary transformation that they had to ask him what he did.

The book explains that even in millennia old medical traditions, long before people were exposed to the kind of pollutions we have to deal with, healers were using detoxifying methods as integral part of their healing treatments. Dr Junger explains in plain words that the body has the natural ability to heal itself, but sometimes, it gets completely overwhelmed by the amount of toxins it needs to throw out.

Where do toxins come from?

Toxins come from everywhere, internally and externally:
  • Your food and/or lack of exercise
  • The air you breathe
  • The water you drink and shower with
  • The OTC and prescription drugs you take
  • The stress, toxic thoughts and emotions you experience
All these toxins end up accumulating in our bodies, preventing it from functioning properly and ending up triggering all types of symptoms and problems that we mistakenly take as being part of the normal "wear and tear" of the human body. The human body is a magnificent creation, with amazing capacities and powers, born to be healthy and live joyfully. So, as you can imagine, a big part of the world is in need for detox.

The Clean Program

This detox program is the synthesis of many different traditions and knowledge. It is simple and anyone can do it. You just need dedication to your health for 3 weeks while your body is intensely detoxifying and regenerating.

The program is simple: you plan and prepare 3 meals each day; liquid meal for breakfast, solid meal for lunch and liquid meal for diner.

You choose your foods from the list of detox diet guidelines and leave 12hr between diner and breakfast next day. There is also a list of unique recipes to choose from at the end of the book.

You drink a lot and make sure you have a bowel movement each day. You move, walk and breathe deeply each day.

Dr Junger also proposes additional optional activities to help get more out of this detox program. From meditation to skin brushing and infra-red sauna, he has lots of healthy recommendations for you to choose from during these 3 weeks of Clean Program which will take you the extra mile.

People are raving about the results they get from this detox program. Read Clean and see how well you can look and feel. Spring is the perfect time to do it.