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Review of Beauty Sleep by Dr Breusm

This book is a gem! If you are under stress, lack energy, have failed in many exercise and diet weight loss programs or see your skin and hair lacking the beauty and youth you pay thousands of $ for: this book is for you and it will be of great practical help to improve your life, energy, silhouette and beauty… In a matter of 4 weeks, you could be the better and more beautiful you, you wish for!

Sleepless America

Sleep by Dr. BreusmAmerica is an energy hungry and thirsty country. Everywhere, you can read articles or see ads about energy boosting pills, vitamins, foods or drinks. But have you ever considered the fact that maybe you lack energy because you are tired? And maybe you are tired and you look 10 years older than you are (despite the $150 anti-aging cream you religiously use everyday) because you do not have enough sleep time or good enough sleep?

Get the good sleep you need or...

We have mentioned the importance of sleep in quite a few of our articles, but here you have a sleep doctor share with you his many years of experience and success at helping people being happier and healthier. Dr Breus lays down the statistics and the science behind why good sleep is so crucial for all of us. During sleep, your body and brain go through a self-repairing and self-healing process. This is why sleep deprivation may lead quite quickly to weakening of the immune system, weight gain and accelerated aging. I have seen many sleep deprived people and they all have a dull skin, lifeless hair, under eye dark circles and premature wrinkles and fine lines: sleep deprivation is your beauty nemesis! But the good news is that even if you have a pretty scary sleep debt, you CAN recover easily and get back on track.

If you wonder what this book could do for you, there's nothing like a testimony. So, here is the letter from one of Dr Breus' patients from the book's introduction:
I was having lunch with my best friend the other day. We've known each other since grade school and have been very close since high school. Over the years, we've shared a lot in common. We both got married around the same time, and then we were pregnant with our second children the same year. We got together a lot and always seem to talk about the hardships of trying to fit everything in-you kno, mixing being a parent, a wife, and a worker outside the home. It's hard.

Well, the other day was the first time I'd seen Susan in about a month. And I was literally shocked by her appearance. Her skin looked so... fresh-as if she'd just had some kind of major dermatological treatment or even seen a cosmetic surgeon. Her face was vibrant, colorful, I don't know how to describe it… alive, I guess. I mean, now she looks several years younger than me-and we're both the same age! I know Susan complained a few months ago that she'd been having a lot of sleep problems, and I knew exactly what she was talking about. But I didn't think she'd actually do anything about it. Or that it would change so much about her so quickly. She looks so damn good! She'd lost weight, too, and says that she now has the energy to exercise. She even mentioned something about her sex life!...

Who is robbing you of your good and refreshing sleep?

The book gives you the three biggest culprits that rob you off good sleep:
  • anxiety and stress
  • caffeine
  • the X and (not so much) Y chromosomes
Beauty SleepThe author goes in depth to explain how each factor impact your sleep. But he also shows you how people around you, like babies, kids or your bed partner could be disrupting your sleep and how to deal with each one of them in order to be able to sleep well. I know a lot of moms who look completely exhausted and 10 years older than their age because their babies do not sleep at night. I wish I had known this book before because I could have helped them.

Read this before you jump on sleeping pills and anxiety pills

The four-week program is laid out in a simple and easy way to follow, with guidelines and questionnaires and tips. Each day, you have something different to do which will help you to improve your sleep step by step. Here is the general outline of this sleep program:

WEEK 1: Your sleep boot camp

  1. Establish your bedtime and wake time
  2. Develop a bedtime routine
  3. Evaluate daytime habits and routines
  4. Check on the bedroom environment
  5. Prepare your body for bed with stretching and relaxation
  6. Focus on foods
  7. Find the right time to exercise
WEEK 2: Review, rework and revive
  1. A study of week 1 at a glance
  2. Review bedtime routine
  3. Review caffeine, alcohol and nicotine
  4. Review bedroom environment
  5. Review bedtime and waking stretching
  6. Review diet choices
  7. Review exercise routine
WEEKS 3 and 4: Setting it all in motion
  1. Pinpoint your best set of relaxation techniques
  2. Revisit your worry journal
  3. Final phase

Sleep better to live and feel better

Having a good sleep will improve your life in so many ways. Your skin will look better, your hair will look better, if you are following a weight loss program, you will lose weight and your sex life will also improve tremendously because let's face it: who feel like being intimate when feeling exhausted and under slept? No one I know!

But even more, you will get this priceless million-buck feeling in the morning when you wake up! Nothing can give you this amazing feeling except a good night sleep. So get your life back on track: read this book and start sleeping... better!