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Argan Oil: Nurturing from the Atlas.

The Argan tree grows naturally near the Atlas mountains of Morocco. It grows exclusively in the center-west part of the country (Souss region) that has been experiencing a severe drought. It can reach 50 feet high and lives for 150 to 200 years.

For centuries, Berber women from the Atlas have known and treasured Argan oil because of its moisturizing and regenerating properties. Today, the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries are getting more and more interested in Argan oil since science is demonstrating its extraordinary properties.

Unfortunately, the Argan tree is an endangered species. This prompted some Berber women to create and manage cooperatives to produce and distribute argan oil in order to save the Argan tree. In 1999, UNESCO decreed the Argan forest of Morocco to be a world biosphere reserve.

The Argan oil is available in two forms: as a culinary ingredient for everyday diet or as a skin care product. The Argan oil protects the heart and the blood vessels, is anti-oxidant, and nourishing.

The Argan oil as a cosmetic is a very potent anti-aging, nourishing, hydrating and regenerating natural care product. Berber women use it for their skin and hair care since it is rich in vitamin A and has a very high content in vitamin E, which is an extremely potent anti-oxidant, stimulates the synthesis of good prostaglandins and inhibits the effects of aging.

Rich in essentials fatty acids (80% unsaturated EFAs) and a specific phytosterol, the schottenol, the Argan oil invigorates the skin by balancing and stimulating the natural physiologic process of the dermis cells. Schottenol stimulates not only the balance but also the regeneration and healing of the skin, hair and nails.

In combination with Shea butter, Argan oil is the perfect solution for dry, very dry, devitalized and aging skins as it will deeply moisturize, protect and nourish.