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4 week detox program

Feeling sluggish, being bloated or chubby, having dull or blemished skin? You are in dire need of Spring cleaning, and that doesn't mean to clear the dust and clutter at home. It means to detox your body from the accumulation of toxins that your daily life and the winter season have generated. Detox serves a powerful purpose: it can help you to jump start your weight loss program, bring radiance back to your skin, greatly improve your digestion and vitality and even curb down your allergies. Spring is one of the best seasons to start detox: follow our 4 weeks detox program and take advantage of this fresh new energy to feel and look like a million bucks!

Why detox?

There is no question about it: our daily lives generate toxins. If scientists are discovering more and more chemicals, heavy metals and pollutants in people's blood, even in newborns' umbilical chord, the environment is not the only source of toxins: your lifestyle and diet are also part of the big toxins sources. So where do all these toxins and wastes come from?

  • Your food (too fat, too sweet, too rich, too many chemicals, too hard to digest)
  • Your drinks (too much alcohol or sodas or commercial juices)
  • Your lack of exercise (generates lots of waste that clog your body)
  • Your medications (which create side effects on the long run and deplete vitamins and minerals)
  • Your shampoos, creams, make-up and lotions (chemical ones)
  • Your household cleaning products (chemical ones)
  • Your lawn, football field or golf course (high in pesticides)
  • The air your breathe (lots of bad stuffs)
  • Your stress (generates lots of toxins and damages your body)

Simply put: it's too much for your overwhelmed body that cannot eliminate toxins, wastes and pollutants normally anymore. This leads to the clogging and burdening of your organs and tissues, inflammation and paves the way to diseases. By detoxifying, you stimulate the natural and instinctive healing processes in your body. It's easy, simple and can save you thousands of dollars in health care later. More than that, it makes you feel and look worlds better!

Do you need detox?

Daily life toxins overload the body's natural detoxifying systems and accumulate in the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin. Because these natural elimination organs are overwhelmed, the toxic burden spreads in the entire body undermining its wellness and energy, leading to premature aging, inflammation and ultimately diseases. Signs of toxic overload include:

  • Fatigue, sleeplessness and headaches
  • Aches and pains
  • Indigestion, gases and bloating
  • Constipation or bowel irregularity
  • Dry, itchy skin, blemishes and dull skin
  • Body odor
  • Premature aging, hair loss or greying
  • Mood swings

Dr Alejandro Junger explains very clearly the need and power of detoxification in his great book CLEAN

The 4 weeks program to a healthier and more radiant you

Removing the toxic overload from your body will leave you feel and look better than ever. Before starting on our Detox program, set your goal: having more energy, more radiant skin and hair, more flexible and lighter body etc… Setting up the goal of your detox program will help you to stay focused and committed to finishing it. Detoxifying can bring you:

  • Renewed energy
  • Weight loss boost
  • Better digestion and regular bowel function
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Radiant skin and revitalized hair
  • Improved allergy handling
  • Less aches and pain
  • Disappearing of cravings and mood swings

Our Spring 4 weeks program is simple, easy and fun. Each week, you move further in the detoxification program, so that it is gradual and can be done by everyone. All you need is dedication to your body, health and beauty. Remember that it's only for a limited time, just enough to give back your body its natural vitality and your skin and hair their natural vibrancy.

Each star* refers to notes and recipes at the end of this article. Starting a detox journal where you write down how you feel, your dreams, your thoughts and what you crave for and how you overcame each craving can be very helpful to stay focused and to learn more about yourself.

  • Clay detox: drink Green Clay water* (only the water, not the clay) in the morning (find the recipe to prepare Green Clay water at the end of this article)
  • Herbal detox*: take Dandelion herbal extract twice a day in a glass of water or tea
  • Detox your beauty: use only natural and organic personal care products. Shower with organic Marseille or Aleppo soaps. Moisturize with organic Shea butter or pure organic vegetal oils. Shampoo with organic Clay detox shampoos.
  • Diet: eliminate sweets, processed foods, pastries, coffee, alcohol and commercial juices. Limit meat, wheat and soy products and dairies, concentrate on fresh greens and fruits. Drink plenty of pure water and green tea
  • Do breathing exercises* (see below)
  • Drink herbal tea before going to sleep: try something like chamomile, linden, passionflower or valerian for better quality sleep
  • Detox your mind: meditate* 5-15 min a day* and start a detox journal
  • Clay detox: drink the whole Green Clay water* in the morning
  • Herbal detox*: in addition to Dandelion, take Healthy Liver Tonic twice a day in a glass of water or tea
  • Detox your beauty: use only natural and organic personal care products. Continue the week 1 beauty routine and try a couple of ready to use or homemade facial masks.
  • Detox your Diet: in addition to week 1 guidelines, eliminate meats, wheat and soy products and dairies completely. Concentrate on legumes (lentils, beans and the like), fresh greens and fruits. Start juicing* once a day, find a recipe in our blog. Drink plenty of pure water and green tea
  • Do breathing exercises*
  • Take detoxifying hot baths: start with 98.6F and gradually increase the temperature by adding hot water up to your tolerance level. Add Lavender and/or Myrrh essential oils for relaxation. After the bath, lay down in a bathrobe or blanket for 30 min or just go to sleep. Do it every day or every other day
  • Detox your mind: meditate* 5-15 min a day* and continue detox journal
  • Take a walk or a hike in a park


  • Clay detox: drink the whole Green Clay water* in the morning
  • Herbal detox*: In addition to Dandelion herbal extract and Healthy Liver Tonic, take Burdock blend twice a day in a glass of water or tea
  • Detox your beauty: use only natural and organic personal care products. Continue the week 1 beauty routine, the facial masks and try some simple hand and foot massages with organic Shea butter or Shea butter lotion to stimulate your organs and relax.
  • Diet: continue the same diet as in week 2. Do more juicing and eat light meals in the morning and evening to give a break to your body so it can use more energy to detox. Drink plenty of pure water and green tea
  • Start some easy yoga poses. You can find lots of fun ideas on the yoga journal website. Or just do stretching or dancing in your living room
  • Take detoxifying hot baths
  • Detox your mind: meditate* 5-15 min a day and continue detox journal
  • Avoid watching TV or reading the news
  • Clay detox: drink the whole Green Clay water* in the morning.
  • Herbal detox*: in addition to Dandelion herbal extract, Healthy Liver Tonic and Burdock blend, take Rhodiola extract twice a day in a glass of water or tea.
  • Detox your beauty: use only natural and organic personal care products. Continue the week 1 beauty routine, the facial masks and apply organic Cornflower floral water compresses on your eyes for 10 min every night.
  • Diet: continue the same diet as in week 3. Drink plenty of pure water and green tea.
  • Do breathing exercises*.
  • Take detoxifying hot baths
  • Detox your mind: meditate* 5-15 min a day and continue detox journal.
  • Avoid watching TV or reading the news (except traffic and weather) as much as you can. Stay away from the computer, emails, and cell phones as much as you can. Instead, read books, write real cards and letters or practice your preferred creative activity. Let your creativity come out of its box and do not judge yourself: just enjoy.

Recipes and Tips

Clay water: stir 1 tsp of Clay (white and/or green) in 8 fl.oz of water or herbal tea or juice. Let it sit overnight and drink the water, but not the clay deposit in the morning. Repeat for a week. From the second week onward, you can drink everything including the Clay as your body is used to it. Clay is a powerful detoxifier and revitalizer. Its action is global and deep at the same time. Find more about Clay in our article Many uses of Clay.

Herbal Detox: the herbal detox program is meant to be gradual and follow a specific path of activation of all the detox organs of your body. Dandelion is a general liver and digestive system tonic. Healthy Liver Tonic is a powerful combination of different herbs aimed at cleansing, supporting and revitalizing the liver and gallbladder (read more in our Liver Detox Blog). The Burdock Blend is an excellent blood, lymph and skin purifier. It also soothes and cleanses the kidneys and bladder and finally it enhances immune system functions. Finally, Rhodiola is an adaptogenic tonic that improves the energy level, vitality, stamina, mood, mental clarity and memory. Adaptogenic plants help you at a global physical, emotional and intellectual level to find balance, energy and respond better to stress.

Breathing exercises: breathing is a natural way of detoxifying. You take in fresh air and let out CO2. Babies naturally practice the healthy "abdominal breathing" but the more we age, the more we switch to stiff "chest breathing". Practice abdominal breathing daily by putting one hand on your chest and the other on your lower abdomen. Concentrate on a point located 2 inches below your belly button and 2 inches inside your abdomen (a major energy center of your body). As you breathe, feel your chest hand staying still while your abdominal hand rises when you breathe in and lowers when you breathe out.

Meditation: there are lost of CDs, DVDs, books and programs for meditation but in the end, it's quite straightforward. You sit down comfortably, concentrate on the energy point mentioned in the breathing exercises, breathe slowly and deeply and let all your thoughts and emotions flow. Do not pay attention to those, do not concentrate on any, just let them flow and let them go. If you get sidetracked, just get back to your breathing. Meditation is a great way to detox your mind.

Diet tips: to help wean yourself off sugar, use Licorice herbal tea. Licorice has a natural sweet taste, which is very satisfying, and it's good for digestion. Coffee can be replaced by green tea and coffee herbal substitutes like Yerba Mate and chicory or brand names like Cafix. Make sure that you have a least one bowel movement each day and if not, help yourself with fibers like psyllium husk powder, flax seeds or herbal laxatives. Always keep a 12hrs window between diner and breakfast, during which you don't eat anything to give your body a break and make sure you get a good and reenergizing sleep. Keep diner as light as you can.

Staying on the program: you may experience headaches, energy and mood swings as well as strange dreams: these symptoms are normal parts of the natural detox of the body. If you have strong addictions to specific foods or drinks, the first few days of the program might be challenging. Remembering that it's a normal part of the detox program and that you are doing this as a very rewarding investment for your health will help you overcome your cravings. This program will also teach you the art of self-mastery. If you slipped once, don't think you've failed. Instead, just go back to the program.

Mind detox: being available to anyone and receiving news from allover the world 24/7 adds a lot of stress in your life. Turning your email and cell phone and TV off will open a space where you save all your energy to heal yourself and ready yourself to get back to the world revitalized, regenerated and more relaxed. Meditation, exercises and breathing will help you to move all the stress and negativity out.

Warnings: if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription drugs for a specific illness, please consult your health care provider before starting on this program. This program has not been evaluated by the FDA. This program is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent a disease. Nature Purity does not make any claim about usage or benefits. This information is not intended to replace qualified medical healthcare. If you have, or think you have a condition which requires medical attention, you should promptly seek qualified healthcare. Children should not be put on this program without medical consultation.

The Sources: this program has been designed from the synthesis of many different sources of traditional and naturopathic medicines, but also from 20 years of personal experience. It is designed to accommodate even the busiest schedules and the high-speed city lifestyles.